Landlord Drops Illegal Rent Increase

Thomas moved into a shared apartment in the Mission District four years ago. His roommate Michael had already lived there for several years. Thomas made certain that he had the landlord’s permission to move in, and even paid his rent directly to her. Everything was going well until Michael moved out, leaving Thomas as the only tenant.

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Brad and Ren Stay Housed Together

When Brad Ramsey adopted his new service dog Ren, his landlord threatened to evict him for having a pet. “I felt frantic and heartbroken,” he said. “I’ve been in my apartment for 12 years, and if I had to move, I’d probably have to leave San Francisco, which would make me lose the funding that pays most of my rent. I was really distraught.” Thanks to ALRP Housing Attorney Jaime Rush, Brad won his case and he and Ren are living together happily ever after.

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Jaime’s Win for Four Clients

A few months ago, ALRP Housing Attorney Jaime Rush had four separate clients call in with the same complaint: out of the blue they had received notices from their landlord that their rental subsidies would no longer be accepted. It turned out that they all lived in the same building. “We got their approval to work with them as a group and did quite a bit of research,” said Jaime, “and it looked to us like the landlord’s attempt to cut off these subsidies was illegal.”

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Brian Defends a Client—and His Dog

Brian Brophy’s client was homeless and HIV+, and on top of everything else, his dog had been seized by Animal Care & Control. “His caseworker called me and asked if I could help,” said Brian, ALRP’s HCAP Attorney. “The dog was potentially going to be euthanized because it had allegedly been aggressive. Animal Care & Control wasn’t willing to release it to my client as long as he was homeless, because the dog would be around people constantly…”

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