application materials

Thank you for your interest in joining the AIDS Legal Referral Panel. We are delighted by the prospect of your involvement with ALRP. Please read and complete the following materials.

  • Application.
    Please complete and return our paper application or apply online. As soon as we receive your completed application, we will begin sending you referrals.


  • Fee Protocol.
    The ALRP Fee Protocol brochure explains ALRP’s rules regarding allowable fees. Please read it! Note that all ALRP clients you accept are entitled to an initial hour of consultation free of charge. In addition, simple wills, DPAs, and declarations to physicians are provided at no charge, regardless of the client’s ability to pay or assets.


  • Attorney Rules.
    The ALRP Panel Attorney Rules pamphlet details the various rules that pertain to ALRP as a lawyer referral service in the state of California.


Accepting Referrals

We ask that all Panel attorneys take at least two cases a year. When an ALRP client requests an attorney, our office may contact you. With your permission, we then give your name and contact information to the client, who will call you directly. You should never feel obligated as an ALRP member to accept a case. All we ask is that you respond to all calls quickly, because many ALRP clients are in emergency situations and we need to know whether or not you are available.


Attorney Reporting

You will receive an Attorney Reporting Log from ALRP once a year. Please use that form to record the following for each of your ALRP clients: name, type of case and disposition, and (very important!) number of hours worked. This information is critical to our continued funding.  If you prefer to report your attorney hours as your work them, feel free to use our online attorney reporting form.



Should you have any additional questions or concerns about becoming a Panel member, please feel free to contact Volunteer Coordinator Sloka Krishnan at or (415) 701-1200 ext. 303.


On behalf of the Panel, thank you for your interest and we look forward to receiving your application soon!