A New Start in San Francisco

A gay man living with HIV in Brazil, our client was scared for his life. With the changing political climate and persecution against LGBTQ+ people worsening in his home country, his health and safety were at serious risk. So, in 2018, he left Brazil to come to San Francisco.

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Seven Days to Save a Home

When a 73-year-old San Francisco resident reached out to ALRP for help, he was just seven days away from being permanently “locked out” of the apartment he had called home for 40 years. The race was on to save his housing.

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To Fulfill a Client’s Last Wish, ALRP Facilitates Expedited Citizenship

Earlier this year, a terminally ill client reached out for help with one last wish: to become an American citizen. He faced a lengthy application process, but ALRP intervened, advocating on his behalf to help his dream become a reality.

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A Hard-Fought Battle to Stay Housed

When Matthew Dickey faced eviction from his home of 15 years, he called ALRP for help. Teamed up with Senior Housing Attorney Zeenat Hassan and an expert witness to fight a nuisance claim, Matthew stood strong through one of ALRP’s most contentious cases to date. Just as they prepared to take the case to trial, Matthew and his team received amazing news: his home, and his life in San Francisco, would still be his.

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