ALRP Saves 17-Year Tenancy for a Substitute Teacher

“Peter” was served with an eviction lawsuit after he was unable to pay his rent due to a job loss stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. A former substitute teacher in San Francisco, Peter faced the loss of his 17-year tenancy after losing his job and having no income to pay for his rent.

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ALRP Receives a Grant From Grass Roots Gay Rights Foundation

Our friends at Real Bad do a lot of good

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Client’s Housing Saved Thanks to ALRP


“Jorge” had lived in his apartment for over a decade when a new landlord bought his property. Having had a good relationship with his former landlord, Jorge was distraught when problems with his new landlord began.

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From Isolation to Community Thanks to ALRP

An ALRP client “Barbara” with a mobility impairment was stranded in her home for extended periods of time because the building elevator was not functioning, and she could not safely go up and down the stairs. Read More »

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