client voices

The following are testimonials from ALRP clients, taken from ALRP Client Surveys:

I was able to get needed assistance when I had no means to do so otherwise. Panel attorney Heather Cutler has been outstanding.
– Roger B.

I no longer feel invisible. At ALRP, I was treated as though my life mattered. I feel so grateful for staff attorney Dmitri Pikman’s kindness, professionalism, and compassion. ALRP represents the very best. Thank you for treating me with dignity and respect. I know it may sound corny, but I’m so grateful for you all!
– Byron

ALRP has saved my life many times with all their help.
– Ray C.

Dmitri Pikman es una excellente persona y muy amable. Gracias. (Staff attorney Dmitri Pikman is an excellent person and very friendly. Thank you).
– Francisco C.

When legal problems arise, I always feel I have a friend with ALRP. Having AIDS is stressful enough. Add to that a problem with a typical S.F. landlord, and the stress is beyond belief. One call to ALRP and I can relax again.
– Chuck

I have confidence that I am not facing “the law” alone or without representation. I’d be lost without your guidance and expertise.
– Dana H

I appreciate having someone to talk to and understanding the law better. ALRP has always helped me. Thank you.
– Daniel

The staff is not only caring about their clients, they also really know the ins and outs of the law.
– Paul M.

I had no idea where to start with my disability insurance until I went to ALRP. You helped me through the complex paperwork and guided me when I did not know what to do. I am very grateful for ALRP. I feel calmer and know I have an advocate.
– Joseph M.

I have a weight lifted from my mind. ALRP is a wonderful and beneficial organization. Thank you!
– James

I feel much better. Staff attorney Amy Orgain was very helpful and very nice.
– Rick P.

Panel attorney Gary Jeffrey was and is a major asset in helping me with a difficult situation involving my landlord.
– Nathan P.

Knowing how to handle an estate without probate is a big load off my mind.
– Mark R.

I am now fully confident that my wishes will be respected when I die. I want to sincerely thank staff attorney John Fasesky for his help.
– Anonymous

ALRP has helped me move forward in my life. I could not have done it without you.
– Cassandra S.

I need not fear that my wife will be evicted when I pass. Thank you very much.
– Terrence

I’m more informed, confident, and less stressed. Staff attorney Amy Orgain and the rest of the ALRP staff were wonderful each time I came into the office. Having a resource available like ALRP has given me complete confidence in the workplace because I know I have support if needed.

I feel much better! Staff attorney Amy Orgain is wonderful!
– Kevin W.

Thank you for your services. You helped tremendously!
– Wayne S.

Without ALRP, I would be totally lost. It feels good to know your services are there when I need them. Thanks for everything.
– George I.

I no longer have the weight of eviction hanging over me and all the related stress. My case was resolved to my complete satisfaction.
– Daniel R.

Since contacting ALRP, I feel less stressed. ALRP is wonderful!
– Richard W.

I used to panic about legal problems, but now I know that help is just a phone call away and I don’t stress out anymore. Everyone at ALRP is so sensitive and understanding.
– William W.

Since contacting ALRP, I feel more confident about my legal situation. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you, ALRP family, for your support and for helping people who need it the most.
– Salvador M.

Since contacting ALRP, I am no longer worried about credit cards and old debt. My quality of life has improved so much in the last two months. Thank you!
– George M.

Periodically, I’ve encountered housing and eviction challenges. As an ALRP client, I have been the beneficiary of timely and equitable services that offered me comfort and peace of mind. The ALRP staff is legally competent and effective. Knowing that legal assistance is available makes a difference in my life.
– George B.

I now know there is an office I can call when I experience harassment and discrimination. Please keep up the good work. We need you and your help.
– Danny M.

I feel calmer and less stressed knowing someone is there for me.
– Michele

I feel less isolated and better educated, informed, and supported. I feel more secure in dealing with my legal issues. You’ve been very helpful – thank you!
– Michael L.

ALRP has been so valuable to me. I know that I am not alone in dealing with my legal issues and that competent, relatable, and enthusiastic counsel is available through ALRP.
– David W.

Now that my probate issue has been resolved, I am able to move on. Thank you.
– Anonymous

I am confident I can access excellent legal representation through ALRP.
– Ishmael B.

ALRP always provides the best help and representation possible.
– David J.

I now have the knowledge and confidence to proceed with my long-term disability policy. ALRP staff attorney Amy Orgain has exceptional skills and is an excellent communicator.
– Michael B.

The help from ALRP in my quest for long-term disability benefits was invaluable. You accomplished the impossible.
– Larry C.

I now feel empowered to stand up for myself with the support of ALRP’s staff.
– Michael K.

I love ALRP – you saved my life. Many thanks.
– Ray C.

Since contacting ALRP, I feel like someone cares about what’s important to me. I can always depend on ALRP.
– Michael R.

Although I live outside of San Francisco, ALRP never gave up on me. Going through an eviction is a stressful situation and the only thing standing in the way of homelessness is a lawyer. ALRP played a significant role in saving my housing.
– Thomas E.