Walter Wins Back His Health Insurance

When ALRP client Walter C. made his regular trip to the pharmacy to pick up his medications, the pharmacist informed him that his insurance had been cancelled. It was devastating news for a self-insured person living with HIV. But it wasn’t the first time Walter had heard this. Since 2000, his insurance company had tried to cancel his policy four times for alleged nonpayment of his premiums. “I was at the end of my meds when I found out.”

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Helping Achieve Immigration Goals

Having come to the United States when he was 12 years old, Panel attorney Bernardo Merino has dedicated his law practice to helping others achieve their immigration goals. “Due to the persecution they may have been subjected to in Latin American countries, people who are HIV+ and gay may actually have a fighting chance at securing political asylum,” he says…”

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Cathy Blackstone

A Fulfilled Life through Volunteering at ALRP

In 2006, Cathy Blackstone had her hands full at work, but it wasn’t enough to keep her satisfied. She wanted to volunteer in her spare time, and she wanted to make a difference with an organization that served the LGBT community and advanced civil rights. When she went online and started looking for opportunities to serve on a nonprofit board, ALRP became the beneficiary of her boundless energy.

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Fragrance-Free Care for Client

Whenever ALRP client Stokes first enters a space—the hallways of his apartment building, a city bus, a restaurant—only one thing crosses his mind. “Is this space safe for me?” In addition to being HIV-positive, Stokes suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Exposure to perfume or cologne causes him nausea, headaches, and difficulty breathing. Ironically, safe access to medical facilities has been one of his biggest challenges.

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