2020 Volunteer of the Year: Katharine Butler

Katharine Butler keeps plenty busy as a paralegal student and bartender. Yet, she dedicates countless hours every week to hep provide legal services to people living with HIV/AIDS as a volunteer for ALRP. That’s why we’re excited to name Katharine as our 2020 Volunteer of the Year.

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ALRP is Still Fighting Evictions During the COVID-19 Crisis

Some landlords are still seeking to evict clients despite the current health emergency.

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Who says you can’t give great community outreach with social distancing?

ALRP immigration attorney gets creative to reach clients during the shelter-in-place order.

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A New Start in San Francisco

A gay man living with HIV in Brazil, our client was scared for his life. With the changing political climate and persecution against LGBTQ+ people worsening in his home country, his health and safety were at serious risk. So, in 2018, he left Brazil to come to San Francisco.

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