Panel Attorney Spotlight: Steven Chizen

Celebrating our Attorney of the Year, Steven Chizen

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ALRP’s Outstanding Law Clerks

Meet our Law Clerks: the dynamic duo who makes it happen!

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ALRP’s Collective Efforts Save Stanley’s Housing

“Stanley” — a senior living with HIV/AIDS and suffering from additional physical ailments and cognitive issues — came to ALRP when his landlord sought to evict him, alleging that Stanley’s hygiene was a breach of his lease. Stanley struggled to clean himself and his home on his own and, as a result, lived in less than healthy conditions.

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Unfairly Accused of Overpayments, Barbara’s Income is Restored

“Barbara” sought ALRP’s assistance when the Social Security Administration (SSA) unreasonably found her to be at fault for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) overpayments. Barbara started receiving her SSI payments years ago because of her HIV/AIDS-related disabilities and her diagnosis of breast cancer. When she returned to work, she immediately reported her work information to the SSA. However, the SSA failed to adjust her SSI payments accordingly, resulting in Barbara’s overpayment. Even though Barbara did what she was supposed to do, she was found to be at fault for causing the SSI overpayment, all while she was undergoing intensive radiation therapy.

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