ALRP’s Collective Efforts Save Stanley’s Housing

“Stanley” — a senior living with HIV/AIDS and suffering from additional physical ailments and cognitive issues — came to ALRP when his landlord sought to evict him, alleging that Stanley’s hygiene was a breach of his lease. Stanley struggled to clean himself and his home on his own and, as a result, lived in less than healthy conditions.

ALRP Housing Attorney Devin Fathi stepped in to represent Stanley when he was hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital. Devin worked closely with ALRP Social Worker Kim Kruse to navigate the services available to Stanley and help secure support for Stanley. Devin successfully negotiated a settlement agreement with Stanley’s landlord, which allowed Stanley to remain in his home. Devin and Kim were also able to work with the team at San Francisco General to set up on-going intensive support services that will help Stanley twice daily – the maximum amount of support available – to assure that his hygiene is well maintained and that he can continue living on his own.


“Stanley is seen by those around him as kind, sweet, and easy-going. People like that are pillars of our communities and should be given every opportunity to live and thrive as such. Thanks to the collective efforts of our team, Stanley can remain housed and continue to brighten his community.”

– Devin Fathi, ALRP Housing Attorney