Unfairly Accused of Overpayments, Barbara’s Income is Restored

“Barbara” sought ALRP’s assistance when the Social Security Administration (SSA) unreasonably found her to be at fault for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) overpayments. Barbara started receiving her SSI payments years ago because of her HIV/AIDS-related disabilities and her diagnosis of breast cancer. When she returned to work, she immediately reported her work information to the SSA. However, the SSA failed to adjust her SSI payments accordingly, resulting in Barbara’s overpayment. Even though Barbara did what she was supposed to do, she was found to be at fault for causing the SSI overpayment, all while she was undergoing intensive radiation therapy.

Insurance Attorney Lynnette Baclig jumped into action and helped Barbara file a waiver for these overpayments. Lynnette later appeared on Barbara’s behalf at the local SSA district office and successfully advocated for Barbara’s case to appear before an administrative law judge. Due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, the hearing was postponed several times. After several long years of waiting for an in-person hearing, Barbara finally received a favorable decision from the judge, which granted the waiver and forgave Barbara’s overpayment debt.


“This decision is especially meaningful

to Barbara now that she’s once again unable to

work due to her disabilities. Barbara can now

use her full SSI to pay for her basic necessities.”

– Insurance Attorney Lynnette Baclig