ALRP’s Outstanding Law Clerks

We would like to extend thanks to our Law Clerks Gustavo Martinez Bejarano and Marcelo Torres. In addition to being good friends and fellow Honor students at Golden Gate University School of Law, they made a choice to apply at the same time for ALRP’s clerkship program.


Gustavo and Marcelo show off their certificates after an epic potluck.


Law Clerks provide essential support by conducting client intakes and assisting with discovery in eviction cases.  This dynamic duo also brought invaluable culture and Spanish language skills to the work of ALRP over the past ten months. A third of ALRP’s clients identify as Latino/Latina, so Gustavo and Marcelo seamlessly navigated the needs of our clients by putting their native language to work daily.


It’s amazing to see our interns begin their semester with determination and watch them grow in their roles over time, which is especially true this year.  Because Gustavo and Marcelo chose to clerk with ALRP for two semesters in a row, they received two gold seals on their certificates. Managing Attorney Jaime Rush adds, “We would gladly fill up each of their certificates with gold stars!”


We wish them buena suerte as they continue their law school training and look forward to keeping in touch as their careers take shape.  All of us at ALRP remain especially grateful for our Law Clerks and their dedication to providing equal access to legal services.