From Isolation to Community Thanks to ALRP

An ALRP client “Barbara” with a mobility impairment was stranded in her home for extended periods of time because the building elevator was not functioning, and she could not safely go up and down the stairs.

ALRP Supervising Housing Attorney Allison Pruitt successfully advocated for an emergency transfer as a reasonable accommodation, enabling Barbara to move to a new building. Now safely settled into her new home that is specifically dedicated to seniors, Barbara remains deeply appreciative of ALRP’s assistance.

“Just as the world began to open up again in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this client found themself in almost total isolation. No one should be a prisoner in their own home as a result of their disability.

I’m proud to have helped our client relocate to a building that allows her to safely and freely engage with the community outside her apartment.”

– ALRP Supervising Housing Attorney Allison Pruitt