ALRP Law Clerk Bikes Cross Country

ALRP Law Clerk Stephen Spano embarks on a cross-country bike ride to raise money for ALRP. Read More »

ALRP Attorney Runs for BALIF Board

ALRP is proud to support Staff Attorney Dmitri Pikman in his candidacy for the BALIF Board. Read More »

ALRP ED Presents at Hearing on LGBT Senior Housing Needs

ALRP Executive Director Bill Hirsh discusses obstacles limiting affordable housing for LGBT and HIV+ residents. Read More »

Over 60 & LGBT? Take a Survey

The San Francisco LGBT Aging Policy Task Force wants to hear from LGBT seniors in San Francisco. Read More »

BALIF Annual Gala – 2013

ALRP staff, law clerks, and friends enjoyed BALIF’s 33rd Annual Gala on March 15, 2013, at the Bently Reserve. ALRP was honored to receive BALIF’s Legal Service Award for our 30 years of service.

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ALRP Receives BALIF Award

ALRP is proud to have received BALIF’s Legal Service Award in our 30th year. ALRP’s longtime relationship with BALIF goes back to our founding in 1983 by a handful of BALIF members, including Carl Wolf and Fred Hertz.

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ALRP|30 Campaign Kickoff Party – 2013

ALRP’s 30th year of service kicked off in style as guests enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres and sampled ALRP Private Reserve Wines. Thank you to everyone who attended the event on January 29, 2013.

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Pat’s Dedication and Service

Back in 1987, Pat Dunn, like a lot of people who wanted to respond to the AIDS crisis, used to get handed messages at work or come home to a voice on her answering machine saying “Clint Hockenberry called.” She knew those messages meant that someone had an urgent legal case and needed help immediately. “There was tremendous secrecy, stigma and urgency surrounding AIDS at that time so it was a code we used,” Pat remembered.

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Bankruptcy Attorney Gives Clients a Fresh Start

If you’re overwhelmed with debt, Marti Simon is the kind of person you’d want to ask for help. She’s gentle, nonjudgmental and generous with her time. She’s seen your problem before, and she knows how to help you untangle it. And for more than 20 years, she’s been helping ALRP clients in just this way, as a Panel attorney and more.

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From ALRP to the Kinsey Sicks

If you spend any time talking to Irwin Keller, you realize that his life has taken some unexpected turns purely by chance. One such chance led him to become the Executive Director of ALRP, and another led him to tour nationally as his alter ego Winnie, of the Kinsey Sicks. But you also learn that Irwin has led a life of great intentionality and dedication as well, and perhaps in retrospect, he’s lived exactly the life he always meant to.

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