Folsom Street Fair – 2013

Thank you Folsom volunteers! A record 95 volunteers lent a hand at the Folsom Street Events on September 29, 2013. Our volunteers helped Folsom celebrate their 30th year of leather and fetish in style, as well as ensured that ALRP will receive a significant portion of the proceeds. Thank you to all our volunteers!

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Going Above and Beyond for Her Clients

Panel Attorney Mary Catherine Wiederhold recently had a sobering moment in court while representing an ALRP client in an eviction case. When the issue came up about my client being HIV+, the judge seemed to downplay the impact of HIV. said Mary Catherine. ALRP Staff Attorney John Fasesky was with me, and he told her about the discrimination that people with HIV face every day.

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Danielle’s Commitment to HIV/AIDS Causes

Until recently, Danielle Barnes was volunteering seven days a week for HIV causes, splitting her time between ALRP and an HIV counseling position and somehow managing to get in some time at a retail job to pay the rent. Danielle arrived in San Francisco in 2011 immediately after graduating from Whitman College with a bachelor’s degree in gender studies and a minor in anthropology.

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From Volunteer to Law Clerk to Lawyer

For me, one of the best things about practicing law is that I get to solve problems for people, said attorney Brian Trowbridge. Brian, a former ALRP law clerk, is now a Panel attorney. When I clerked for ALRP I was amazed by how many problems I could help solve without turning to the court.

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Bringing His Dedication to Immigration Cases

While he was earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia in Athens, ALRP Board member and Panel Attorney Adam Podowitz-Thomas worked as an HIV counselor, and it was the plight of one of his clients that pushed him towards a career in law. My client was dropped by his insurance company after being diagnosed HIV+, Adam said. I was so horrified by it. I became dedicated to making sure this didnt happen to anyone else in the future.

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Protecting His Client From Harassment

As soon as my clients landlord found out he was HIV+, she started harassing him, said Panel Attorney Jin Shim. Suddenly she was filing eviction papers and trying to get a restraining order against him. Jins client was woken up at 3 a.m. one night because his landlord was running a paper shredder right outside his front door. When the landlord wasnt running a shredder, she was banging on the stairs or playing the TV or radio upstairs at full blast all night long.

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Up Your Alley Street Fair – 2013

Thank you Up Your Alley volunteers! Over 35 volunteers donated their time at this one-of-a-kind leather and fetish fair on Sunday, July 28. Because of our volunteers, ALRP will be able to receive a portion of the fair proceeds. Thank you!

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Fighting For His Neighbor’s Rights

For ALRP Panel Attorney Selby Lighthill, ALRPs services hit pretty close to home. I received a referral for a client who lived only a few blocks from me and was facing an eviction, he said. ALRP called me on a Thursday and said that the trial for the eviction was set for Monday, and could I help? Selby met with the client that day.

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AIDS Walk – 2013

Thanks to all our Legal Eagles team walkers who helped ALRP raise over $22,000 to support our services, including our 10 StarWalkers! Our team joined 20,000 walkers and helped raise over $2.5 million for AIDS service agencies. THANK YOU – Enjoy these photos and we hope to see you next year.

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ALRP Board Member Named in “Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40”

Congratulations to Jeff Jacobi, ALRP Board Member and Panel attorney! Read More »

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