Staff Attorney Ana Montano Receives Award

ALRP staff attorney Ana Montano was recognized by the UC Hastings La Raza Law Students Association on April 2 for her “life-long commitment to supporting the underrepresented.”

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Asylum Granted for ALRP Client

ALRP is pleased to recognize new Panel attorney Christine Lin’s success in obtaining political asylum for an ALRP client who was persecuted in his home country.

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Defending Clients Hurt on the Job

Panel attorney Michelle Mandel always wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father, a successful personal injury lawyer. Through her father’s work, Michelle learned that not only can traumatic accidents and negligent medical treatment be painful and debilitating, but they can often result in significant healthcare costs and lost wages.

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Saving Clients’ Long-Term Disability Income

Panel attorney Cassie Springer-Sullivan knew since she was sixteen years old that she wanted to be an attorney and use her skills, knowledge, and empathy to assist people in times of crisis. Cassie started her own law firm in 2008 and is committed to serving ALRP clients with disabling HIV/AIDS who suffer the devastation of losing their long-term disability income.

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