Academy of Friends Galas – Over the Years

Our friends of the Academy have made significant contributions to ALRP legal programs over the years. The annual AOF “Oscar Night” Gala has raised millions to support AIDS service agencies like ALRP. Here are a few photo highlights…

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Kevin Urbatsch

Changing Clients’ Lives with Special Needs Trusts

Imagine being forced to choose between life-saving medical benefits and accepting the heartfelt gift bequeathed by a loved one who has passed away. With his specialized knowledge of special needs trusts, ALRP Panel attorney Kevin Urbatsch prevents individuals with disabilities from having to choose.

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Challenging Workplace Discrimination

Unfortunately, harassment and discrimination can be common occurrences for people living with HIV. Yet many of these injustices go unchallenged due to the time, energy, and stress of asserting one’s rights while struggling with the day-to-day challenges of managing a chronic medical condition.

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SF Pride Celebrations – Over the Years

Over the years, ALRP collected gate donations and staffed Beer and Margarita beverage booths at the annual San Francisco Pride Parade & Celebration. It was hard work, but also great fun…especially as the day wore on!

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