ALRP Supports Immigrant Heritage Month

The AIDS Legal Referral Panel is proud to be supporting the 2nd Annual Immigrant Heritage Month!

IHM2015_FacebookBorderImmigrant Heritage Month (IHM) is a nationwide effort to gather and share inspirational stories of immigration in America, kicking off in June. The month will celebrate our country’s immigrant heritage–stories of individuals, families and communities who have contributed to the unique social fabric of a country whose greatness is fueled by its diversity.

The universal American ethos of entrepreneurship, inclusion, strength and resilience unifies us all. By highlighting the intersections of each unique immigrant experience, IHM 2015 will dispel myths and illuminate how each individual journey has been instrumental to the formation, foundation, and ongoing strength of the United States of America.

IHM 2015 will include partnerships with community organizations, elected officials, corporations, media outlets, athletes, artists and thought leaders who will help IHM amplify their message, encouraging us all to celebrate our immigrant heritage as a source of pride.  Event President Obama is getting involved!Obama-IHM-Facebook

To help our nation remember and celebrate the richness of our immigrant history, IHM 2015 will highlight immigrant contributions to American culture and the economy throughout history, from the pioneers of centuries past to the tech innovators of today. IHM will also celebrate today’s immigrant families, who are laying the foundation for an even brighter tomorrow.

So why is ALRP getting involved?

Last year ALRP worked over 200 immigration cases, assisting clients from all over the world.  Our clients approach us for a multitude of reasons: escaping persecution in their country of origin, joining family members and loved ones, better medical treatment, or career opportunities.  But they all have one thing in common – they’re all eager to wrap themselves in the vibrant tapestry that is American life while contributing their own threads to color the story.

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