ALRP Saves Disabled Client’s Housing

“At ALRP we fight zealously to keep our clients housed.

This case was compelling given the many health challenges facing our client. We fought back and we won.”  

                             — ALRP Staff Attorney Katie Torpey


Just last week, ALRP saved the housing of “James” an African American, HIV+ client living with a traumatic brain injury.


By the time the client came to ALRP he had missed his deadline to respond to the eviction lawsuit and a default judgement had been entered against him. The Sheriff was scheduled to remove him from his home.


ALRP Staff Attorney Katie Torpey quickly stepped in and successfully filed a motion to set aside the default judgment — no small feat — and then entered negotiations with the landlord to keep our client housed. However, the landlord’s attorney refused to consider any settlement that would keep this disabled client housed, so we prepared for and were ready to go to trial.


Fortunately, the landlord’s attorney caved just as the trial was set to proceed and we were able to keep the client stably housed in his home of many years. This client is especially vulnerable; he is not someone who would survive living on the street.