ALRP HIV50+ Leaders Circle

The AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) invites you to join our newest individual donor leadership program – the ALRP HIV50+ Leaders Circle.

Currently, more than 50% of people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco are age 50 or older. Many of them are facing new challenges that result from living longer, such as the possible loss of their housing due to record high rents and evictions, and dramatic reductions in their incomes as a result of moving from the income guaranteed by a long-term disability insurance policy to social security. ALRP-HIV50+Leaders-Circle-Logo

In response, we have created the ALRP HIV50+ Project, a community partnership developed especially for people with HIV over 50 years of age. ALRP’s HIV50+ Project includes special programs, trainings and educational presentations to help these clients with a myriad of issues including housing, insurance, and estate planning. We are seeking individual major donors
to contribute $1,000 or more in seed funding for ALRP’s HIV50+ Project. These donors will become members in the ALRP HIV50+ Leaders Circle and will receive special benefits, including:

  • Two (2) Guest Invitations to the ALRP Major Donor Party on May 21, 2014
  • Special Listing in the ALRP Major Donor Party program
  • Special Listing on the ALRP website Advocates Council Members page
  • 6 Guest Invitations to and special acknowledgment at the ALRP 2014 From the Heart Annual Reception & Auction

ALRP HIV50+ Leaders Circle members also automatically become members of our Advocates Council, which celebrates 31 years of community support and includes any major donor whose lifetime aggregate contributions to ALRP total $1,000 or more.  Members’ aggregate contributions since ALRP’s inception in 1983 determine the appropriate Court for each donor. Each year, each ALRP Advocates Council member’s aggregate contributions are tabulated, and Court listings are updated.

Supreme Court         Advocates Court      Circuit Court      District Court $100,000                        $75,000                 $50,000              $25,000

Sr. Partner Court        Partner Court           Associate Court
$10,000                        $5,000                      $1,000

Recently, ALRP launched our 2014 Attorneys From the Heart Campaign, an initiative to help raise critically needed funds to keep ALRP’s current legal services and programs available for our clients and to support the development of new program and initiatives, such as the ALRP HIV50+ Project. ALRP thanks each of our ALRP Angels Leaders Circle, Advocates Council Leaders Circle, HIV50+ Leaders Circle, and Advocates Council members for their generous and continued support of ALRP’s efforts to provide free or low cost legal services to people with HIV/AIDS.