Sharing Gratitude for ALRP

ALRP recently received an email from one of our clients, expressing his deep appreciation for the advocacy he received from ALRP Staff Attorney Stephen Spano. Ryan and his neighbors were required to leave a licensed facility for people living with HIV who have a very acute level of health care need and find new, more appropriate housing.

“I wanted to check in with you as I’ve just completed my first full month in my studio apartment! Joy! I am feeling healthier and better able to focus on my goals. ALRP helped not only me, but others who made the transition to permanent supportive housing. I hope that you are aware of the impact you make. You worked in the trenches alongside clients like me and helped us navigate the systems we need for support. Many blessings to you and ALRP.”

Every case we work on is unique and potentially transformative for the people involved. ALRP is grateful for you and our extended community that makes our work possible. Thank you!

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