ALRP Saves Housing & Secures Rent Abatement and Repairs for Long-Term Tenant

An ALRP client came to our office

ALRP Supervising Attorney Jeff Dulgar helped our client remain in his home and obtain substantial rent abatement.

after his landlord initiated eviction proceedings for the second time this year. This landlord alleged that our client failed to pay a single month’s rent, and used this as the basis to attempt to terminate our client’s 12-year tenancy. Our client had recently changed to a new job, and due to the lapse in his employment, was not able to deliver the entire rent owed for his apartment. ALRP previously represented this client in connection with his housing, demanding repairs to our client’s unit which this landlord failed to complete.

ALRP Supervising Attorney Jeff Dulgar assisted our client in this matter. As a result of this landlord’s failure to address ALRP’s demands, our office was able to assert a strong warranty of habitability defense in the eviction lawsuit, which resulted in our client being able to remain in his housing. Additionally, ALRP was able to obtain a substantial rent abatement due to this landlord’s failure to make repairs and forced the landlord to agree to a short time-frame for repairs to finally be completed in our client’s unit.