How Does Your Attorney Make YOU Feel?

HowDoesYourAttorneyLOGOsmALRP staff and volunteer Panel attorneys are truly making a difference in the lives of our clients.

READ stories about how our attorneys helped our clients – click on a story below:



Standing Up To Bullying

A New Home for Hector

Helping A Client Defend His Dog

Even Heroes Need A Hand

Helping Four Clients At A Time

Going Above And Beyond

Fragrance-Free Care for Client

Fighting For His Neighbor’s Rights

Maintaining Mobility

Saving An Elderly Client From Eviction

READ how ALRP attorney’s are making our clients feel:

You made a devastating part of my life better….and relieved my stress. Thank you.  – Lisa Feldman

The staff was wonderful and really cared. Thank you for being there.  – Michael Valentine

It is a burden lifted getting the help I need.  – Debbie Gaspar

I now have peace of mind.   – William Singer

ALRP is one of the most efficient AIDS services available. The prompt and efficient service was great.   – Brian Russo

Thank you for your professionalism and concern – it’s nice to see there are a few people who still care.   – Robert Rogers

I have personal security over big insurers, a feeling of control over my life. This service is invaluable for disability claims issues and insurance company problems.   – Tim Patten

It’s great to know ALRP is there to help solve my problem.   – Joseph Berke

I feel calmer and less stressed knowing someone is there for me.   – Danny M.

I now understand my rights more fully. It’s a huge relief to know ALRP has my back.   – Nicholas Grillo


I feel very fortunate to have ALRP represent me. They have been extremely helpful and responsive.   – Brian Green


ALRP prevents me from becoming homeless.   – Thomas E.

I am no longer worried about credit cards and old debt. My quality of life
has improved so much. Thank you.   – George B.

I no longer feel invisible. At ALRP I was treated as though my life mattered.   – Byron

ALRP has helped me move forward in my life. I could not have done it without you.   – Cassandra S.

I love ALRP. You saved my life.   – Ray C.


So, how does your attorney make YOU feel?
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