Participate in ALRP’s LSDP

Does your firm order electronic discovery services, schedule depositions, or purchase subpoena preparation or record retrieval services?

ALRP has partnered with Advanced Discovery and U.S. Legal Support, Inc. to raise critically needed funds for our programs. Participate in the ALRP Legal Services Donation Program (LSDP) and get great service and special competitive pricing – and ALRP gets a donation.


U.S. Legal Support, Inc., a participating vendor who helped create the LSDP, is a global leader in court reporting, certified record retrieval, and subpoena preparation services. For each deposition completed for new AND existing cases,US Legal Support is now donating $25.00 per deposition (increased from $10).  For certified record retrieval orders, US Legal Support is donating $2.00 per record.

U.S. Legal Support account manager
Michael Sporn is matching all U.S. Legal Support donations to ALRP

so your ALRP donations will automatically be doubled!


Advanced Discovery is a leading litigation support company which provides a full range of electronic discovery solutions and document management and review services, including data collection, electronic document processing, online review and web hosting, document review and paper discovery services. Advanced Discovery is donating 3% of all revenue generated from firms participating in the LSDP, and offers special program pricing and excellent customer service.


For more information about ALRP’s Legal Services Donation Program (LSDP), click here.

To participate in LSDP, contact:

Deposition/Record Retrieval
Michael Sporn
U.S. Legal Support cell (415) 215-1134






Electronic Discovery and Online/Document Review Services
Meggan Capps Advanced Discovery-SF office (415) 780-9584/cell (913) 999-558-4053
Dan McBrideAdvanced Discovery-Palo Alto cell (650) 575-4415