Making Referrals to Panel Attorneys Easier

ALRP is always working to improve the experience for our wonderful Panel Attorneys, who provide essential services to our clients in these very uncertain times. ALRP is no stranger to a public health crisis. And in some ways, the way ALRP provides access to its Panel Attorneys, with intakes and referrals made over the phone, anticipated the need for working remotely.

This year ALRP completed a new Strategic Plan which called for refreshing and updating its volunteer Panel. One way we intend to do this is through improved use of technology. In that spirit, ALRP is launching a new partnership with Qase, a technology start-up ( We hope to make it even easier and more efficient for attorneys to receive and process referrals.
Our pilot program will integrate scheduling, messaging, video chat, and document sharing, so both clients and attorneys can engage remotely. Using the new online system, we expect to make it easier for people to connect with an attorney. Our pilot project includes benefits for Panel Attorneys:
  • Streamlined client intake.
  • Faster, more efficient appointment booking.
  • Easier conflict checks.
  • Integrated video consult capability.
For the purposes of the pilot, we are looking for ALRP attorneys with:
  • Enthusiasm for technology.
  • Interest in practicing law online.
  • Willingness to expand the geographic area of their services (within ALRP’s seven county service area)
  • Practices in one or more of the following areas:
  • Immigration
  • Wills and Estate Planning
  • Credit and Bankruptcy
The technology used for this pilot is being provided to ALRP at no charge by Qase.
Space in the pilot is limited. It is easy to get connected with Qase and we encourage you to reach out to ALRP to get started. If you are interested in participating or in learning more, please contact ALRP Volunteer Coordinator, Faron Stalker: