Lambda Legal’s Share Your Story Campaign

Lambda Legal is proud to continue its National Share Your Story Campaign. This project is part of their national Government Misconduct Campaign. Lambda Legal recently conducted a national survey to collect data about the LGBT and HIV communities’ experiences with police, school security, courts and prisons and will be releasing a survey report later this year.

Lambda Legal has begun collecting some powerful stories that demonstrate the range of misconduct LGBT people and those living with HIV experience from police, in prisons, courts and schools. People who are interested can submit stories online at or contact Lambda Legal if they have questions or need more information. They are also happy to work with people who want more help shaping their stories.


Here are two of the stories the National Share Your Story Campaign has collected:

“I was harassed by a police officer.  She repeatedly taunted me with gay slurs.  She complained that her lunch break was disrupted by having to deal with ‘you disgusting queers.’  I was not physically assaulted, but I was severely harassed in a public space and with neither interference nor support from her fellow officers.  I still have flashbacks to this day.” 

-Neil, Minneapolis, MN

“I was arrested and charged with prostitution at a local casino. While the case was subsequently dismissed without going to court, during my arrest I was physically and verbally assaulted by the arresting officers and others. I was put in handcuffs so tight that my wrists swelled up and turned purple. My face was shoved into a wall while I was handcuffed. The officers threatened, mocked and demeaned me for being transsexual. I am planning to file a complaint with the review board. I have heard from other transgender folks that this is a common thing within the police system.”

-Natalie, Las Vegas, NV


These real accounts bring the data from their survey to life and strengthen their efforts to educate and advocate for change. While Lambda Legal has collected a number of stories from individuals across the country, we know that there are many more stories to tell.

For further information and to see more stories please go to

And if you have any questions, please contact Beverly Tillery at