Reasonable Accommodation Secured. Policy Change Coming Soon.

Many of our clients live in supportive housing buildings where the clients can also receive a variety of social

HCAP Attorney Stephen Spano advocates for client and policy change


In one building, a facility entirely occupied by PLWHIV, the management company made a change to their practice of accepting packages on behalf of tenants, claiming it was a COVID-related safety precaution. However, tenants claimed that this policy has been a contentious issue with the building management for years. It appeared as though this was just the most recent opportunistic attempt to relieve the building of liability for lost packages. However, it had dire stakes for our clients.
In every instance, the tenants of that building must receive their HIV medications but in one of these instances, our client required medications for in-home cancer treatments that were being delivered every two days prior to his treatments. The fear of missing these packages caused him unmanageable (and entirely unnecessary) stress above and beyond the stress that he was experiencing around his illnesses.
Although the building was not initially cooperative, HCAP’s Staff Attorney successfully submitted Requests for Reasonable Accommodations for two clients and continues to advocate with our government and community partners in order to affect broader change within the building and hopefully with the extended supportive housing system of care.
Last week, the HCAP Staff Attorney received a letter from the San Francisco Department of Public Health HIV Health Services Division (DPH HHS) indicating that DPH HHS will have an internal meeting for the purpose of drafting a policy directive around the issues of medication access in residential facilities that are funded by DPH. DPH staff also offered their appreciation of how this matter was handled by HCAP’s Staff Attorney.