ALRP Negotiates Resolution to Eviction Notice and Saves Housing

ALRP Supervising Housing Attorney Jeff Dulgar advocated for our client, helping to secure his housing and granting him a sense of security.

In October 2019, ALRP helped a client that was served with a non-payment of rent notice by his landlord. The client is a long-term rent-controlled tenant and this was the third attempt by his landlord to evict him over the past two years. ALRP immediately disputed the debt with the client’s landlord, providing records demonstrating that our client had diligently paid his rent in full. In addition to disputing the debt, ALRP advocated for the client, helping him to receive an increase in services from the client’s housing subsidy provider, Catholic Charities. The financial assistance ALRP secured thwarted the landlord’s attempt to evict our client and allowed our office more time to dispute the landlord’s financial records. With his housing once again secure, our client reported feeling a great sense of relief.