Bob A. Ross Foundation Supports Law Clerk Program

ALRP was honored to receive a grant of $15,000 from the Bob A. Ross Foundation in May 2013. The generous grant will provide funds for six law clerks at ALRP throughout the year. BobRossFdn The Bob A. Ross Foundation has been the leading supporter of the ALRP Law Clerk Program since 2006, which has made a tremendous difference in our ability to serve clients.

ALRP depends upon the hard work of a small staff, volunteer Panel attorneys, and a handful of law clerks. Law clerks provide critical program support while also learning first-hand about the legal needs and rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. Each law clerk works 10 to 15 hours a week for 12 weeks. Some clerks choose to specialize in housing and insurance law. These clerks support ALRP staff attorneys who provide clients with direct, in-house representation in those two legal areas. The remaining clerks assist with all other legal areas that ALRP handles, including family law, bankruptcy, immigration, confidentiality, and government benefits.

Law Clerks Nathan Bewley and Kim Shindel with ALRP ED Bill Hirsh

Law Clerks Nathan Bewley and Kim Shindel with ALRP ED Bill Hirsh

After conducting thorough intake interviews with clients, the law clerks either provide direct assistance or refer complex cases to volunteer Panel attorneys. Law clerks often provide short-term services such as answering questions or writing a letters to landlords and creditors. ALRP staff attorneys provide careful supervision to ensure that clients’ needs are being met. Law clerks also frequently conduct research and produce legal articles.

The two most recent recipients of the Bob A. Ross scholarships are Kim Shindel, a graduate of Fordham University School of Law, and Nathan Bewley, a graduate of University of San Francisco School of Law.

For information about applying for a law clerk position at ALRP, visit Jobs & Clerkships.