ALRP Strategic Plan Summary Available

A lot can happen in a few months. As the AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) entered 2020, ALRP’s Board of Directors adopted a new Strategic Plan. Immediately thereafter, the world shifted, with a new public health crisis, glaring economic disparities which threaten the health of low-income communities, and brutal reminders of the institutional racism our nation has wrestled with since its founding.

ALRP is no stranger to pandemics. We arose as a grass roots response to the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980’s and we are committed to being there for as long as our clients need us. Fully half of ALRP’s clients are people of color, and the issues which ALRP’s legal services address, including housing, immigration, and access to health care are at the heart of social justice struggles.

As the only institution in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated entirely to providing free and low-cost legal assistance and education on virtually any civil matter to persons living with HIV/AIDS, ALRP fills a critical community need. We are proud of all that ALRP’s dedicated staff and volunteers have accomplished through advocacy for our clients for the last 36 years.

As we entered our 37th year of service to the community, the ALRP Board of Directors initiated a Strategic Planning Process that resulted in this Plan, to reflect both on the needs of the community we serve and the evolving needs of the organization. This process has led us to adopt this Plan, which calls for the agency to make strategic investments to ensure that ALRP stands out as a great place to work, that we build bridges and excite the community about ALRP, that we refresh and reinvigorate the ALRP Volunteer Panel, and that we proactively manage and adapt to the changing needs of our clients and community. With this Plan as our guide, we look to make changes in both the short and long term that will secure the ongoing health of the organization and the best representation possible for our clients.

We look forward to implementing this Plan and doing our part to ensure that ALRP remains a robust and respected organization meeting the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS, who will maintain or improve their health as a result of ALRP’s services.

CLICK HERE to read the ALRP 2020-2023 Strategic Plan Summary