ALRP Law Clerk Bikes Cross Country

ALRP Law Clerk Stephen Spano embarks on a cross-country bike ride to raise money for ALRP.

Stephen SpanoUnable to dream up a better way to spend three months, Stephen will cross the continent on a self-contained bicycle. He has pledged to give 50% of all sponsorship he receives to ALRP.

Stephen will cycle and camp from San Francisco to New York City beginning in April 2013. The trip is one of healing and activism. He hopes to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS issues and achieve personal satisfaction through the accomplishment of this long-time dream.

Please email Stephen directly for further details. To support Stephen, make a donation online using PayPal. ALRP appreciates Stephen’s generosity and wishes him the best of luck!

Stephen Spano 2


Stephen and his bike on the ALRP AIDS Walk team.