Celebrating Nancy Lofdahl, ALRP Attorney of the Year

When longtime ALRP Panel Attorney Nancy Lofdahl accepted Marty’s case, she had no idea it would take five long years to resolve.

Marty, a client living with long-term HIV and learning disabilities, was forced to find legal representation when his former partner filed a palimony case and made other unfounded financial claims against Marty.

An experienced family law attorney and probate attorney, Nancy was ALRP’s obvious choice for taking on this challenging case. Throughout the extended legal proceedings, Nancy and Marty met regularly, preparing for complicated hearings, and navigating complex legal issues. Along the way, Nancy became a major source of support for Marty. When the case was finally resolved, Marty was awarded judgment in his favor. He was grateful for the opportunity to be heard and vindicated by the court’s decision. “Nancy and ALRP helped me every step of the way. I am so thankful for the support I received,” Marty shared.

A tireless advocate, Nancy finds the opportunity to support her clients and build client relationships a very satisfying part of her law practice. “I am grateful I could help bring resolution to an untenable situation and make a difference,” Nancy noted.

ALRP is beyond grateful to Nancy for her pragmatic and dedicated approach, for going above and beyond to secure the best outcome for Marty, who would not be able to afford legal representation otherwise. We are proud to confer this year’s Attorney of the Year Award to Nancy Lofdahl for her deep commitment and service to our community.

Thank you, Nancy Lofdahl!