Immigration Workshop for HIV Service Providers

May 10, 2018
9:00am - 3:00pm
Department of Public Health

Immigration Workshop for HIV Service Providers

Immigration Workshop for HIV Service Providers


A person’s social identities influence how we treat and are treated by one another, even when we are genuinely working to be unbiased. Nativism is a social pattern in which people who are born in a given country are treated differently from those who immigrate to it, to the benefit of those who were born in that country. For the approximately 35,000 undocumented immigrants and refugees living in San Francisco there are daily concerns related to safety, securing work, finding housing, accessing healthcare, and the ever-looming possibility of deportation and loss of family. For those immigrants/refugees who are HIV+, the above concerns can often be a matter of life and death.


Through lecture, interactive activities, and small and large group dialogue, participants in this six hour workshop will learn tools to determine the immigration needs and spot common immigration issues of HIV+ clients and will receive resources for pro-bono legal services. Attendees will also explore how stereotypes, implicit biases, and legislation, impact the well being and safety of immigrants and undocumented individuals in the HIV+ system of care. The day will conclude with an examination and of personal, cultural, and institutional biases related to immigration status and tools for change.




To provide skills, tools, and resources for providers to better support people who are undocumented immigrants and refugees within the HIV+ community.


Learning Objectives: Participants will…


1. Be presented with basic legal tools from Ana Montano, Esq. and Carmen Ramirez, Esq. from AIDS Legal Referral Panel including:


                      o How to determine the immigration needs of HIV+ clients

                      o How to spot common immigration issues that affect HIV+ clients

                      o How to better serve clients throughout the immigration process

                      o How to make the appropriate referrals for pro bono legal services


2. With Natalie Thoreson, M. Ed, review the definitions of stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, social power, oppression, internalized oppression, as related to nativism/nationalism (the oppression of people  who are immigrants or refugees);


3. Consider ways that clients and colleagues are impacted by nativism/nationalism and anti-immigrant/refugee sentiment on a personal and agency level; and


4. Identify steps to challenge nativism/nationalism in their workplaces and communities.


Training time and location


Topic: Immigration Workshop for HIV Service Providers

Trainers: Ana Montano, Esq., Carmen Ramirez, Esq. (AIDS Legal Referral Panel) and Natalie Thoreson, M.Ed (InVision Consulting)

Location: 25 Van Ness Avenue, 8th floor Conference Room, San Francisco, CA, 94102

Date/Time: May 10, 2018, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Lunch will be served


Space is limited – If you are interested in attending, please pre-register with your name, agency and position title to

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