Technophobe Turns Tech Savvy (Summer 2012)

Technology is not my friend. I still do not own a cell phone and I am proud of it. But I recognize the importance of running an agency that is efficient and effective. Taking advantage of new technology is essential to ensuring that our clients are well-served. In order to broaden our reach in the community, we are using new communication tools to share the unique stories of our clients, volunteers, and donors.

We are thrilled with our new website, The site offers a fresh look and useful features. We have a calendar of upcoming events (including free MCLE trainings), ALRP news, legal resources for attorneys and clients, an easy Join the Panel online form, a vibrant photo gallery, and simple ways to donate or volunteer.

Our website also conveys the tremendous impact of ALRP’s work on the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. Because we greatly value the satisfaction of our clients, we created a Client Voices section with numerous testimonials. We also dedicated a Spotlight section on our homepage to highlight the extraordinary experiences of our clients, attorneys, volunteers, Board members, and donors.

We recently created an ALRP Facebook Page to share photos, news, and interesting tidbits. We invite you to “Like” us at Believe it or not, we even have an ALRP YouTube channel to share videos, and a Yelp profile to encourage potential clients to contact us for assistance.

To help us gather and publish ALRP stories, we hired a new Communications Consultant, Eva Guralnick of e.g. communications. Behind the scenes, we use Google Analytics to track our online presence and Constant Contact to manage our email communications.

So, while I may not be posting or texting or “liking,” I am working hard to ensure that we share our successes and meet the needs of our clients.

Bill Hirsh, Esq.
ALRP Executive Director