Something to Celebrate (Fall 2014)

Nov 2014 Directors Message City HallIn San Francisco, the frosty air and dazzling window displays are all you need as proof that the holidays are fast approaching and the whole world will soon be in a whirlwind of celebration.  Not to be left out of the excitement, ALRP is excited to share some of the things we’re celebrating this season.

This year ALRP was part of a sustained advocacy effort to increase funding from the City to address the epidemic of evictions we are facing. One way we sought to do this was by expanding the City’s homelessness prevention services. ALRP, along with our colleagues, was able to secure a million dollars in new funding for legal services attorneys to fight evictions. That funding will also support a number of housing subsidy programs, including one that will address the needs of long term survivors of AIDS who face a dramatic drop in income as their long term disability policies expire.  ALRP received a portion of this new funding, and as a result was able to bring on another housing attorney who is already helping to keep people with HIV in their homes.

This year delivered more good news in the fight against HIV. San Francisco has long been a model for the rest of the country in how to best respond to the AIDS epidemic, and San Francisco is seeing a reduction in the number of new HIV infections.   Additionally, a new prevention tool, PreP, is becoming more widely available to at-risk populations.

The holidays are a time to connect with and appreciate our friends, families, and communities – for ALRP, all of those things are you.  We are fortunate to have an abundance of love, support, and accomplishments to celebrate this season. We hope that we’ve given our clients something (and somewhere) to celebrate this season, too.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.