ALRP Angels Legacy Society members


John AcMoody, David Anderson & Edwin Mah
Doug Beechen
Thomas R. Burns
Brandy E. Christensen
Greg Curatolo
Mark A. Delgado
Jonathan A. Funk
Matthew Gray & David Groff
Michael Helquist
Hailey R. Hibler & Vakhid Shamanski
Bill Hirsh & Thompson Chambers
Leonard Maran
Jim McBride & John Williams
Robert Millar & Mario Guariso
Michael Sporn & Mark Gorman
Robert Marshall Walker
Jeffrey Wilcox
Carl Wolf


If you have already made a plan to support ALRP in your will or estate plan,
we want to honor your generosity
by including you in the ALRP Angels Legacy Society.

To be included in the ALRP Angels Legacy Society,
simply communicate your planned giving intentions to us by email or letter.
If you wish, you may also include the page in your estate plan that mentions ALRP.
That’s all there is to it. ALRP Angels Legacy Society
benefits include special recognition at ALRP events,
on our website, and in our newsletter.
As the society grows, ALRP plans to hold special events just for its members.


Thanks again to all our ALRP Angels Legacy Society members
for their commitment, generosity and leadership.