ALRP Sustainers Club

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ALRP Sustainers Club members are a dedicated group of monthly/quarterly donors committed to helping people with HIV/AIDS maintain or improve their health by resolving their legal issues.  

A monthly or quarterly gift to support the work of ALRP can make a major difference in the lives of our clients, by providing a predictable flow of income that allows ALRP to provide essential legal services to our clients. In addition, the automatic giving options reduce our administrative costs, allowing more money to go directly to our free or low-cost legal programs.

Monthly/Quarterly Giving Made Easy

To join the ALRP Sustainers Club, simply click on the DONATE NOW $ button and select “I want to make a recurring donation” in the gray bar in the online donation form.

Your monthly (or quarterly) pledge is automatically withdrawn from your checking account via your debit card – or charged to a credit card – and applied directly to support ALRP’s free legal services for people with HIV/AIDS.

You will be registering to make a debit or credit card donation every month, every 3 months, or each year. After you complete this initial donation, future donations will be made automatically on the same day each month/quarter. You will receive an email receipt for each recurring donation. As soon as you complete this initial donation, you will receive a separate email containing a password and a link to ALRP’s online donation website where you can review and change your donation options (amount, frequency, billing information) at any time. Of course, you will also be able to cancel your recurring donation at any point in the future.


For more info about the ALRP Sustainers Club, please contact Jim McBride at (415) 701-1200 ext. 301 or Thank you for helping to keep ALRP’s free legal services available for people with HIV/AIDS.