the facts about ALRP

ALRP’s mission is to help people with HIV maintain or improve their health by resolving their legal issues. Founded in 1983, ALRP is now in its 37th year of service providing justice from the heart. Here are the facts and figures about ALRP’s work—and why it remains so crucial.


Number of ALRP staff members
Number of ALRP Board members
 > 700
Number of volunteer Panel Attorneys
Number of cases handled since 1983
Number of cases handled last year (a record!)
Percentage of ALRP clients with low incomes
Percentage of ALRP clients from communities of color
2020 ALRP operating budget
Annual dollar value of donated legal services
Percentage of dollars raised directly supporting ALRP programs (rises to 92% when we include the value of legal services donated by volunteer Panel)
Number of counties served

HIV: United States

1.1 million  Number of people living with HIV in U.S.
29  Percentage of people with HIV not receiving treatment

HIV: San Francisco

23,930 Number of people living with HIV
1 in 66 Number of San Francisco residents living with HIV
1 in 4 Number of gay men in SF living with HIV
19,518 Number of reported AIDS deaths