Advocates Leaders Circle members

Please join the ALRP Board of Directors and staff in thanking our
ALRP Advocates Leaders Circle


($1,000+ Donors)

Cathy Blackstone, Beth & Peter Brandon, Tom Burns, Boone Callaway,
Andres Cantero,Thompson Chambers, Karl Christiansen, Felicia Draper,
Robert Esposito
Sarah Flanagan, Michael Ginther & Jim O’Donnell,
Joe Gorman, Barry Graynor,
Julie Haff, Mary Lou Hely,
Connie Hiatt & Sara “Kathi” Doster, Jeffrey Jacobi,
Peter Julian & Amy McGeorge, Lauren Kapsky,

Laura Maechtlen,
Vince Novak, Emily Nugent, Andrew Ohlert,
Pat & Jeff Pavlak, James Picerno, Matthew & Lisa Richards,
Paul Richardson, Adam Shearer, Ken Shurtz, Michael Steel,
Michael Stevens & Christian Gullette,
Kate Svinarich,
Emily & Raj Thiagaraj, Elizabeth Yates,
and Scott Zimmermann & Drew Mesomsub

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ALRP Leaders Circle members truly make a difference
for our clients living with HIV/AIDS.
Their generosity and continued support enable ALRP
to continue to meet the growing need for our services,
and we simply cannot thank them enough.