ALRP Hopeful Heart Campaign

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With HIV/AIDS now well into its fourth decade, there is still no cure for AIDS, no vaccine, and more people are living with HIV than ever before. Nearly every person with HIV will experience at least one legal issue at some point in their lives—and whatever that issue is, their health is likely to suffer because of it.  Many of these issues are the result of poverty and illness; some, still, are the result of discrimination—people living with HIV continue to face stigma and ignorance.

For 33 years, ALRP’s staff and volunteer Panel attorneys have worked tirelessly to assist the ever-growing number of clients coming to our doorstep for helpa 50% increase over just the last decade. Last year alone, ALRP handled 2,350 cases for our clients, including 781 housing cases and 247 immigration cases – all agency recordsTo read about how ALRP staff and volunteer Panel Attorneys are making a huge difference in the lives of our clientsclick here.

ALRP has only been able to continue its services in the face of these challenges because of the support of individual major donors–like you.


The ALRP Hopeful Heart Campaign has a goal of raising $100,000 this year. Your gift to the ALRP Hopeful Heart Campaign can help ALRP continue to find a way to provide hope to all who come to our doors seeking legal support.

ALRP and its 700+ member volunteer Panel has helped people with HIV keep their housing, maintain their financial stability, get and keep their access to health care, fight discrimination in the workplace, and address immigration issues that keep them from becoming fully integrated into society.

Please join us by supporting the ALRP Hopeful Heart Campaign.

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