ALRP Heartbeat Campaign

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The HIV/AIDS epidemic is well into its fourth decade, and more people are living with HIV than ever before. With no cure for HIV/AIDS in sight, and a new administration in Washington, D.C., people living with HIV/AIDS are facing great challenges and uncertainty. For them, everything can change in a heartbeat.

One second they are housed; the next, they could be homeless. One second they have healthcare; the next, they can’t see their doctor or afford to refill their prescriptions. One second they live in America; the next, they face deportation, persecution and even death. When people with HIV/AIDS face these immense challenges, their only hope is a zealous legal advocate who will go to the front lines to fight for them.

For 34 years, ALRP’s staff and volunteer Panel attorneys have worked tirelessly to assist the ever-growing number of clients coming to our doorstep for helpa 27% increase over just the last decade. Last year alone, ALRP handled more than 2,200 cases for our clients.To read about how ALRP staff and volunteer Panel Attorneys are making a huge difference in the lives of our clientsclick here.

If we are to continue to effectively meet the legal needs of our clients, we will need
the entire ALRP family – staff, volunteers and supporters – to sustain ALRP’s work.


The 2017 ALRP Heartbeat Campaign has a goal of raising $100,000 this year. Your Campaign gift can ensure that ALRP continues to be there for all who come to our doors seeking legal support. A $1,000 Heart Circle leadership gift will enable ALRP attorneys to respond to calls for help in a heartbeat, and to be on the front lines fighting for our clients.

ALRP’s legal services help safeguard the rights of vulnerable individuals and groups, many of whom are rightly concerned about potential threats to their civil liberties as well as disruptions to their access to housing and health care.  ALRP programs such as our AIDS Housing Advocacy Project (AHAP), HIV/AIDS Insurance Protection Project (HIPP), and Immigrant HIV Assistance Project (IHAP) provide advocacy for those who need it most.

Everything CAN change in a heartbeat. Please support the ALRP Heartbeat Campaign.
Thank you.


To MAKE AN ONLINE CAMPAIGN DONATION, click here or click this button. DonateNowButton-Red