Promoting Diversity in the Law

Congratulations to ALRP Staff Attorney, Brandon Lawrence, who received the 2016 Minority Bar Coalition Unity Award at the MBC Unity Awards on November 16, 2016. This award recognizes attorneys who have been exemplary in promoting the cause of diversity and inclusiveness in the legal community. Nominated by the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Elizabeth McGriff, Brandon is ecstatic that Ms. McGriff selected him as this year’s awardee.

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ALRP and Me

My first contact with ALRP was brief. It was the mid-nineties and the first tech boom was going full steam – a modern day Gold Rush. Landlords were cashing in by forcing out long-term residents by any means necessary. During those years I was acutely sick, and one day I came home from receiving a treatment at Davies Medical Center to find an eviction notice taped to my door telling me to vacate the premises in 30 days.

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Kim+Client edit

Client’s Home of 36 Years Saved

ALRP client Trieu has been living in downtown San Francisco on the same street, in the same building, and in the same apartment since escaping from a war-torn Vietnam in 1979. Trieu recently experienced pressure to vacate his home of 36 years when he received a 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit.

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Angela Bean

Untangling Mario’s Immigration Status

When Angela Bean agreed to take on Mario’s immigration case, she knew it was going to be complicated. Mario was a Cuban immigrant who had come to the United States via boatlift in the 1980s. He was an HIV+ gay man in his late fifties, and had an unclear immigration status. Over the last several years he had been referred to multiple immigration attorneys but due to his very low income and a series of personal problems, he had been unable to make a connection.

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Katherine Larkin-Wong

Gabriel Wins Asylum and a New Life

“From the very moment I heard the details of Gabriel’s story, I knew it was going to be a tough case,” said Katherine Larkin-Wong, an Associate in the Litigation Department of Latham & Watkins. “But working with Gabriel and ALRP on this case was an incredible opportunity to really help someone.”

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Ellie Cachette, photo by Steven Lurie

When a Client Becomes Family

Endy Ukoha-Ajike’s first assignment as an ALRP Panel attorney was life-changing for both himself and his client. An immigrant from Nigeria via England, he was just starting out his law career after graduating from Golden Gate University’s School of Law when a colleague suggested he volunteer with ALRP. “I was used to volunteering through my church,” Endy said. “I thought ALRP would be another great way for me to give back.”

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Shawn Matloob crop

Once an Immigrant, Now an Immigration Attorney

Panel attorney Shawn Matloob recently made ALRP history when he helped one member of a same-sex couple obtain a green card. It was the first time an ALRP immigration client had obtained residency based on a same-sex marriage. “It’s great that this is now possible,” said Shawn, who practices immigration law in San Francisco.

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An Attorney's Labor of Love

Guiding Clients on Their Path to Citizenship

ALRP Panel attorney Cara Jobson helps refugees remain lawfully in the Bay Area. ALRP clients have told us horrific stories of abuse, gang violence, and even sexual assault resulting from the disclosure of their sexual orientations and gender identities. Others have shared the difficulty of accessing HIV/AIDS-specific medications in countries with resource-poor or developing health systems.

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Robert Wins on Wrongful Termination

Robert was thrilled to resume working after being on disability leave for several years due to his HIV. “I work in sales and it’s a huge part of who I am,” he said. “I got recruited for a dream job and I felt really empowered again to be back at work. I put one hundred percent into it.” To make sure he could handle the demands of his job, Robert started with part-time hours until he felt confident that he could physically tolerate full-time work again.

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Ting Cuts Through Red Tape for Carlos

ALRP client Carlos was living in a homeless shelter and grappling with serious HIV-related health issues when ALRP referred him to Panel attorney Ting Chen. A Mexican citizen, Carlos had applied for asylum through the San Francisco Asylum Office in 2002 because he had been a victim of anti-gay violence in Mexico.

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